The power in the hands of the client

With the help of the, clients can track the most relevant activities. They can check the status of their support requests, view the updates in their knowledge base and their contributions to the community and track the content they are following and all in the same place. And with an exclusive web portal, customers can find just what they need. A user portal is a place where a customer can log in to their account in a company usually with a web browser. User portals are generated with user portal software and offer companies an excellent method to provide customers with the ability to see and manage their accounts themselves and their related content, without having to resort to direct support of the company.

One place for everything

A well-designed business portal is where customers go when they need information about their support requests. There they can consult previous interactions or copies of the tickets they have received to find the answers to questions that have already been asked. That saves time and prevents agents from having to answer the same questions over and over again.

Your portal, your brand

Thanks to the support portals with professional brand, customers can rest assured that they are in the right place. The user portal supports custom logos and themes, so it’s easy to match your brand. In addition, you can use your own domain and set up a single sign-on to ensure a smooth and seamless experience on the website and Help Center. Customers can also create new applications in the customer portal. Choose the fields that the client must complete so that the support agents have the context they need when solving a request.

For businesses and individuals

Businesses need to have greater visibility into support requests in order to share the updates with the rest of the team. The client portal supports shared organizations, so team members can see each other’s requests and increase transparency when the client is not a single individual. Many companies already use a customer portal solution, a system that puts power in the hands of the customer. Now this has the ability to log in at the time you want and get access to what you need if you have to contact the company directly.

Conclusion: A different approach

In the early days of the Internet, e-mail was the main line of communication between a company and its customers. This tool can be very effective for contact purposes but it does not offer clients quick access to other things that interest them, such as the situation of their customer service tickets or account information. Therefore, when a customer needs this information, has to contact the company which means distracting account executives and customer service agents from other issues.